Popinjay – Confident

I knew exactly what I wanted to take a picture of when I saw this popinjay (it just took me a bit to find the right tree). To me plants, but especially trees embody confidence. They grow where they’re planted. They’re strong, but flexible and true confidence brings growth and blossoming. I think (and I know I’m probably wrong) that true confidence is effortless, it’s knowing what to without advice or questioning yourself and knowing that you’re doing the right thing.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Popinjay – Confident

    1. Believe it or not–a tree was one of my thoughts when I first started thinking about “confident.” But then the week wore on and things changed. LOL

      I love this photo!! You should go to picnik.com and mess with their (free) features, there’s a cool black and white effect I think would look awesome with this photo. πŸ™‚

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