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Blood Shots

ISBN: 9781310915567

About This Book

Nine Tales of Blood and Monsters from yours truly.

“There are three of us, sitting in the dark, on a moonless night, in the basement of an abandoned house. Meghan. Rick. And me, Sean. Honestly, it’s starting to stink down here. But that’s to be expected. We found each other by chance, hiding from what turned out to be each other in an abandoned house not too far away. We stayed together after that, for what little protection an extra set of eyes on the look out offered. The stairs were the first thing we destroyed when we found this little safe spot in a broken world. Something in the house above us came down after the stairs. Whatever it was made the hatch down to the basement impossible to move. We’ve already come to terms with this and with the worst images our minds show us about our future.

There are tiny windows, set into the stained concrete walls. They let in the light during the day. It let in the light from the street lamp outside too, until something out there broke it. None of us complained, because in a way it’s better if you don’t have to always see how trapped you are.

It’s been three days, and I don’t know about any of the others, but I’m starting to get hungry.”
– From “What Was Once a Man”

Table of Contents:
Of Human Blood
Derby Day
Strings of Flesh
Water & Power
What Was Once a Man