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Welcome to Deepdale Acres

ISBN: 9781311423474

About This Book

Love and horses go perfect together. This volume includes the first three Deepdale Acres tales, Private Lessons, Running Free and Pleasure Horse.


Dee, like most barn managers, is an overwhelmed, glorified grunt whose love for horses has turned into more stalls to clean and bratty horse owners to console than any actual time in the saddle. Then Ben comes into the picture. The only problem is he’s the boy toy of perfect barn prima donna, Sandra…

“A short, sweet, and steamy romance with horses! What more could you want? As a pony-mad girl whose own dreams of working in a stable were killed by an unfortunate allergy to horses, I used to console myself by reading Saddle Club books over and over. Private Lessons is a bit like if the girls from the Saddle Club grew up and discovered sex.” -Naomi Clark, author of Afterlife

“Private Lessons is a fun, sexy romp; short but sweet and totally satisfying!” -Sarah M. Harvey, author of Music City


Crista’s been living for her job since she divorced her cheating husband two years ago. Work’s honest, profitable, and being a cop means she helps people who can’t always help themselves. Until she volunteers for an animal welfare raid and finds Cody. He should be a hellion of a horse, but instead he’s sick and broken, steps away from death. At Deepdale Acres the pair find Shawn, a stubborn stable hand that refuses to give up on either one of them. But can woman or horse learn to be free?






Sammie would love more than anything to be an Olympic-level eventer, rushing around the world on horseback and floating over jumps on the best horses imaginable. But her teacher aid salary can barely handle weekly lessons. When picture perfect, filthy rich Archer McKinley takes over he classes Sammie finds herself red with jealous, and maybe a little desire. When he hires her to work as his groom for a regional show she finds herself trapped in a hotel room with him, and suddenly privy to his secrets which are about to rock her world…