Spring Cleaning on the old Homestead

So, this place has gotten rather dusty lately. Mostly I just feel that the world doesn’t have a huge need for my opinions on things. Like writing. So let’s talk fun stuff. I’ve jumped into the homesteader/prepper movement in the last few years. I loved gardening from the time I finally got space of my […]

Potawatomi Conservatory

While I was up in South Bend for my Grandma’s funeral one of the places I found solace was the Potawatomi Conservatory. It’s three connected conservatories, actually; the Ella Morris Conservatory, the Muessel-Ellison Conservatory and the Arizona Desert Dome. It’s been a special place to me since I begged my mom to take me there […]

Gardening Posts!

No, I meant literally, as in I’ve been installing gardening posts. And fencing. I can’t imagine why I need to install some secure fencing around my garden.   Uh huh. See Blondie the wonder dog up there is the stupidest smart dog I know. Smart as in REALLY clever…when it comes to getting into trouble. […]

First Gardening Post of 2014

Every year about this time I start planning my garden for the year and invariably that comes with a promise that this year I’ll keep everything nice and neat, weed all the time, keep the dogs away from the plants (This wasn’t an issue with just dizzy because other than marking the area around the […]

Garden Pron: Mid June Edition

So these pictures were taken right after a storm. Amusingly the corn wasn’t blown over, the ground was so wet that the weight of the plant caused it to tip some. Beans are looking good and happily growing all over the corn. Exactly as it should be. We have tomatoes! So happy because usually I’m […]