Postscripts #13, Winter 2007

The Winter 2007 issue of Postscripts opens with “The Twilight Express” by Christopher Fowler, a sad tale about Billy, a small town boy who wants to escape his small town for something bigger and better… Full Review at The Fix.

Murky Depths #2

It should be noted before reviewing an issue of Murky Depths that the presentation is different from most other print magazines. Even the short fiction is heavily infused with moody, graphic novel stylings. From the author and illustrator biography boxes to spikes of graphic strips between some of the stories, Murky Depths is much more […]

Challenging Destiny #24

First up in Challenging Destiny #24, “The Dao of Stones” by Ian McHugh is a strangely compelling tale. Centered in a planetary world where two intelligent species coexist remarkably well, one creature seeks enlightenment through study of the humans. McHugh manages to not only make the Way and enlightenment frustratingly vague, complicating it with differences […]