Batman vs Superman: Dawn of WTF were they thinking

Look, I’ve been called a critic before, a term that reflects that people think I am way more well read that I think I am and that I’m way more discerning than I am. Nervous writers waiting to hear my opinion makes me a little nervous because what I say and what people hear (especially […]

Review: Gotham Academy #6

Olive and her friends are finally getting some answers from Killer Croc when Batman busts up the party. Olive tries to defend Croc from Batman, meanwhile Batman tries to cut Croc out of the picture permanently. A who’s who evil, rescuer situation is complicated by the fact that Olive knows it was Batman that tore […]

Sadly, Yes, ALL women

The talk about rape culture is on going. My DH insist men (real men) ARE taught not to hit, hit on, or be stalkery to women. Than the lessons on consent and what he sees as basic civility are out there. I hope so. But that doesn’t stop people. I just read an whole article […]

Review: City of Legends by Cheyanne Young

Where to start with this one. Maci Knight lives in a world where there are superheroes (they all pretty much have the same powers, speed, healing, strength, etc) and normal people. She’s not just from a superhero race, she’s the prized daughter of the Mayor of the Superheroes. She, like all members of her genetic […]