Review: City of Legends by Cheyanne Young

Where to start with this one. Maci Knight lives in a world where there are superheroes (they all pretty much have the same powers, speed, healing, strength, etc) and normal people. She’s not just from a superhero race, she’s the prized daughter of the Mayor of the Superheroes. She, like all members of her genetic […]

Review: Gotham Academy #5

It’s a special kind of school that has Killer Croc hiding it its walls. And it’s a special kind of student who has Killer Croc as a guardian angel. At least some of the hauntings are Croc, who promised to her mother, a fellow inmate at Arkham Asylum, to watch over Olive before Arkham was […]

Review: Gotham Academy #4

Somehow Olive and her friends escaped…whatever it was in the pit in the North Hall without getting injured, or caught, or sentenced to detention. But the teachers definitely know what’s going on, as Olive accidentally catches Mr. Wayne inquiring about HER specifically and Headmaster Hammer hints that he knows it was her in the North […]

Review: Gotham Academy #3

Last issue Olive Silverlock accidentally busted a secret cult in a hidden crypt of the cemetery on academy grounds. But it turns out the secret society (The Order of the Bat) is trying to help the school by binding the crazy ghost of Millie Cobblepot. And when Pomeline confronts Olive about her assumptions that the […]

Review: Batgirl #36

The fight continues, the um, fight to recover the contents of Barbara Gordon’s computer which was stolen by a goon bent on exposing everyone’s private lives to the whole world. But it also contained her college work, which is due. While out searching for help to recover her files Babs runs into a techie at […]

Review: Batgirl #35

Confession time: This is my first look at the new 52 Batgirl. Yes, I know, this comic came out in December 2014, and I’ve had it for months, but it’s the New 52 and I’ve been afraid to look. But really? I loved it. Very modern, very smart. This is not Nancy Drew, this is […]