I’ve been seriously considering combining BookLove and this blog for a while. Here’s a pros and cons list.


1. It would put more content here, so that maybe it actually looks like I’m doing all the work I am.

2. Hypothetically it would invite more discussion rather than just me lording around handing down my opinion and bits of my life at random intervals.

3. It would also compensate some for not being able to post reviews over at BookLove at regular intervals like I used to. This is partly because I’m not reviewing everything I read anymore, and partly because of scheduling and partly because I’m almost exclusively reviewing for MonsterLibrarian these days.


1. The writer and reviewer thing is always a complicated affair and there is a certain benefit to keeping those “hats” separate.

2. It would be hard. I would have to combine this blog with nearly 400 reviews, changing all my old links and such. But then maybe I could use that second blog from M. Lush stuff instead of reviews.

3. I’m talking REALLY time intensive. 400(!) reviews. Links, images, index links, all of it.

Right now I’m leaning heavily toward the merge, and have been for a while. But it’s a lot of work, and the debate of reviewer vs writer is one that I’ve tried very hard to handle delicately and I think merging my blogs might toss that out the window.

So, opinions. To combine? To not combine? Do you even care? Does it even matter?

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