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Michele Lee lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her long time partner, their two kids and three crazy dogs. Or maybe the kids are crazy. She enjoys writing (particularly about shape shifters and zombies with souls), reviews for MonsterLibrarian.com, and makes a little money on the side by working as a vet tech. She fakes a web presence at michelelee.net and spends too much time on Facebook.

Please feel free to poke around, leave a comment on the blog or check out some free stories. And, of course, enjoy! You can contact me at theothermicheleleeATgmailDOTcom (with spam guards removed of course).







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Wolf Heart

““Oh how I loved this book! This was a story with heart. I love when the story draws you in and makes you feel like you actually are the main character.” -Andrea Healtsly



“Smart zombies, a mystery, and a love story – this has so many elements foreign to the typical zombie story, that it will be a true inspiration to any fan of the undead. In these pages we see real inhumanity, dark humor, and hope, and we realize our favorite monster is capable of so much more than gut munching and being shot in the head. Don’t miss this one.”
Kim Paffenroth, Author of Dying to Live, and Dying to Live: Life Sentence

“Part detective story, part romance, all horror, Michele Lee’s Rot is an exceptional piece of work, one of those rare stories that manages to seamlessly blend together all those elements that make a horror story memorable, and it does so with such a confident voice, one might think Lee–a relative newcomer–is secretly channeling the masters. Rot is nothing less than the unveiling of an exciting new talent in the horror field, one I suspect–and hope–we’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future.”
Kealan Patrick Burke, author of Master of the Moors, The Turtle Boy, and Currency of Souls

“ROT is a definite winner. It’s well-written, has lots of plot twists, characters we care about, and it strikes more emotional chords than you’d probably expect in a novella about flesh-eating zombies.”
~Jeff Strand blogs about Rot.

“Lee has done a fine job creating a believable world and scenario in which zombies exist. Fans of the undead don’t want to miss this.”

~Review of Rot from The Horror Fiction Review

“I was enthralled by Michele’s writing, compelled to read the entire book in one sitting. I give this novella 5 stars, and I recommend it to both zombie fans, and to fans of great literary horror.”
~Zoe Whitten, review of Rot

“Bottom line: pick up a copy of Rot and then hound Michele en masse to finish what she started. And tell her Lincoln sent you. 8.5/10”
~Lincoln Crisler, review of Rot

“Michele has written a world so removed and yet so reflective of our own that it would not surprise me in the least to know that Silver Springs actually exists out there somewhere. Her characters are real…they immediately take you in and carry you above and beyond the call…You MUST get a copy of Rot.”

~Jodi Lee

“Rot is an excellent new twist on an old tale…It is a must have for any zombie book collection! Highly recommended.” ~Bret Jordan fromMonsterLibraian.com

“Michele Lee was able to quickly give her readers a well written background of each character, and a great story.” ~Falling off the Shelf

“Kudos to Michele for writing a story where zombies can be our friends, that is until they have to be shot in the head.” ~Babbling About Books

“ROT explores how we rationalize our cruelties, that corrupt part of our dark side. How we can give in to irresponsibility and indifference in our lives so easily. How we can be selfish in our love of others, when we refuse to let go.” ~Louise Bohmer

“Gore and horror abound in Rot, but what makes the narrative truly exceptional is the heart and soul Ms. Lee pours into all her characters, particularly into the relationship that develops between Dean and Amy. Readers will truly care what happens to both of them in world where interpersonal relationships among the living are emotionally cold and distant.” ~HellNotes.com

“Rot is one most of original and highly inviting zombie works I’ve read in years.” ~HorrorWorld.com

“A zombie book gem! ~VVB32 Reads

“Lee creates a singularly unique entry in the zombie canon, one likely to cause readers to wince as much from the rawness of the human emotion at play here as the visceral images of flesh ripping from bone.” ~DarkScribe Magazine

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