Shifters series



Wolf Heart

Book 1

Being a werewolf didn’t ruin Nika’s life, but being forced to join a pack just might. And then, of course, there’s a man: Maeul, the dark, sexy alpha whose blistering love for Nika might consume them both, if the pack doesn’t tear them apart first.



wildheartcoversmallWild Heart

Book 2

Something dangerous is roaming Liberty’s woods, killing off shapeshifters as it passes. New alpha Michael has to find out whether it walks on two leg, or four. Or both.



Savage Heart

Side Novella- Thembisi Stories part 1

What Isis Montoya wants is to become a rock star. Performing in front of an audience, the intricate weaving of music and word, is what makes her heart beat. But the blood that beats in that heart comes from a long line of werehyena queens. Isis is destined to one day kill her own mother and take over the clan. When her band signs with a label run by vampires and her mother falls mysteriously ill, Isis fears her time playing human is over. Is it time for the Cannibal Queen to come to life?

moonmadnesscoverMoon Madness

Free Companion book to Wolf Heart featuring a book play list, character sketches and a short story starring Rick and Lydia.






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