Birds of Prey v2 by Chuck Dixon

ISBN: 9781401260958

Still hunting down the sleaze of the world Black Canary (with Oracle at the assist) stumbles into a slave ring with a twist. These slaves are also kidnapped heiresses, business moguls and other member of the One Percent. The scheme is a good one (forced labor and ransom? Score!)

Also included in this volume is a semi-romantic interlude with Nightwing, and the adventures of the female mercenary group, The Ravens, who cross paths with the Birds off and on. And sea monsters, for good measure.

Dixon expands all of our troubled favorite ladies and challenges them in less than physical ways. Oracle dodges the military and Batman’s babying. Black Canary tries to help people who really need it, sometimes even if they don’t deserve it. It’s nice to see them come together to a place where they’re standing up for people because it’s what’s right, not because they’re invincible or martial arts masters.

Dixon also touches on the issues that super powered people would bring, like people suddenly becoming weapons in the nuclear arms race.

This volume has its fun moments, but also has a more sober tone that the first book. Still, it’s a fantastic read, very recommended for comic fans, and public libraries wanting to build a collection.

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