Kids are the best

I’m on a journey (constantly) of self improvement. I love trying to make a difference in others’ lives. It brings me unabashed joy and a sense of purpose (which the day to day grind wears thin.)

The last two years I’ve done Career Day presentations at a local elementary school. I adore kids. I don’t think I could be a teacher, just because, well it’s so hard! And all consuming. But I love learning, and love these little chances to teach others some of the things I know that get me excited and happy.  I have a ton of fun going into classes, and love excuses to do so! (Kids are great for my self esteem too, because they’re so much less practiced at hiding their awkwardness. They don’t care if I think I’m fat, or I’m stumbling over my story, or whatever.)

Plus…I cheat.


I brought Ursa with me.

Ursa has yet to meet a person who wasn’t her best friend. She’s fun, sweet, loves kids, doesn’t care if there are loud noises, is completely okay with being surrounded with people, as long as someone is petting her. Plus, she has a cute backpack.

I talked about the day job. We played the “What Did My Dog Eat?” Xray game (which made the kids feel smart and engaged them.) Then I answered questions and let everyone who wanted to pet Ursa have a turn.

There are so many good moments. When the kids guess a picture right. When they get to tell a story about their dog. There are a few magical moments too, like when the girl who wants to be a vet gets to gab with me about work stories. Or when the girl who screams and runs away when Ursa and I come in because she’s scared of dogs decides on her own after ten minutes of the presentation to come pet Ursa. When the kids who was too scared to touch Ursa at first last year says he is still afraid of dogs, “Except that one.”

And Ursa is great. She lays down while I talk. She seems to know which kids are scared and gives them space. And lets them touch her backpack or her tail or her rear without turning the part they are scared of (her face/teeth) to them.



She loves it about as much as I do. She never stopped trying to go into rooms, or loving on people, no matter how loud or crowded it got.

So thanks to Klondike Elementary for inviting us. We love it, and love you all and will see you next year! After a nap…


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