Practical Prepping

It’s hard to go anywhere today without running into prepping, that is, the systematic building up of emergency supplies and forming an emergency plan just in case. I think it plain old makes sense. I’ve been through broken and frozen pipes, utility shut offs, wind storms, ice storms, thunderstorms, floods, roadside emergencies, and power lines burning out. Prepping also ties into self sufficiency, which ties into reducing our impact on the environment around us.

But it’s really, really easy to run into preppers who behave more like doomsayer cult members, and worse, those who outright proclaim call manner of conspiracies. I have no desire to give politics any more influence in my life than it already has, so I’m trying to build up some access to prepping, homesteading, urban gardening, and “Green” ideas that don’t require you to believe that the Illuminati are about to use the HARP EMP to sterilize us all and inject us with chemtrails to give us cancer.

Prepping doesn’t have to be like that.

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