Sheep and Wolves by Jeremy C. Shipp

From the opening of “Watching”, the first tale, Shipp promises an interesting and bizarre journey though the human condition as readers voyeuristically tag along. “Watching” is a take on victimization and gender, which like its subjects offers plenty of visuals and complications but no real conclusions. “Nightmare Man” follows a man stricken with horrific nightmares […]

Blankety Blank by D. Harlan Wilson

Blankety Blank, a Memoir of Vulgaria, has its roots in a more advanced version of our suburbia, but above ground this is one weird tree. At times it’s part Desperate Housewives–suburban drama, parties and wicked rumor mill– and other times it’s dark and brutal commentary, or complete bizzarro-fueled randomness. Mr. van Trout seems to hate […]