Fantasizing vs Sexualization

Because it’s a related discussion I wanted to make the point that the difference between fantasizing and sexualizing is like the difference between:


It’s not just about what they’re wearing. (More examples of sexualization of male characters here, which is not the same as shirtless or spandexed super lads.)

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    1. This is different then stripper superherinoes because [insert here] to even compare the two is disingenuous, women are free to have chipper dale dancers in their own things, maybe someone should market such products towards them?[Insert here], you’re demonizing normal male sexuality and should be ashamed.

      In all seriousness, this does provide a great contrast to what palatable and normal to everyone to what the hell is wrong with alot of media aimed soley at certain men.

    2. The Michele Lee’s point here is a very good one. Comic books don’t exist to satisfy male sexual desires that is what “adult entertainment” is for.

      Just look at the poses women stand around in in a modern comic book. Those posses come straight out of 90’s fashion magazines and/or playboy not real life. If you don’t believe me get an older Victoria Secrets catalog or an adult magazine and do your own comparison. These are sexually provocative poses that have nothing to do with what is happening in the story.

      Check out this link:

      It has men posed like comic book women. Any guy looking at that would think it was insulting because after all how can you take a tough, macho, superhero serious when they are standing that way. Really, is it any wonder women are baffled by comics books when females are drawn this way?

      When you can’t tell a story, do to lack of real ability, you need to fill your pages with something. First it was angry/dark hero’s now it is soft porn barely disguised as kids books. These days comics look more like some artist and writer playing out their own personal/private sexual fantasies in the pages of a young adults serial adventure story. Who wouldn’t be offended by this?

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