About Me: A Guide to Special Needs Kids for Teachers

On the advice of some support people we’re luck to have I made a mini book to introduce Mister to his new school next year. Last year the teacher didn’t receive anything but his IEP from the school, which led to problems. (So did the teacher, but that’s another story.) This year we’re making sure the teacher knows things like, yes he can read, yes he’s verbal, etc. You would think this would be information passed on, but often it’s not.

Since I made it anyway I’m also going to post it up here for free. I couldn’t get an epub to space right, so all I have is the PDF.  This is free to pass on (please, please do!), free to print and I would love to hear if it helps you. (I’ll accept donations for my time if anyone wants to offer, but really, getting it out there is far more important.)

There’s room for kids to introduce themselves and for parents to talk about their children. I HIGHLY recommend attaching a copy of your child’s current IEP and BIP and any third party behavioral/other studies that you feel comfortable releasing.

Advocacy begins with us!


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