Oh, Carrie Fisher

I didn’t know what Star Wars was for a long time, but I’d been watching it. Way back when, when my mom was divorcing my dad she’d take us to his apartment for Saturday visits, but he often couldn’t be bothered to spend much actual time with us. Sometimes this hurt a lot. But it […]

Automatic Culture

Okay so in the continuting gun debate, I see some say “No one needs an (automatic weapon/AR/Bushmaster/gun that shoots lots of bullets fast). I don’t think this argument makes sense either. No one needs a Ferrari when a Ford or Chevy would work just fine. No one needs a PS4 when a deck of cards […]

The Real Toxins All Around Us

This is Polio. It mainly affects CHILDREN under the age of 5. There is no cure. As recently as 1988 there were 350,000 that’s THOUSAND cases a year. 5 to 10% of people with polio die. IT KILLS people, CHILDREN by paralyzing them. Suffocating them. Causing their organs to slowly stop working. Some countries still […]

Personal Narrative

I’m going to hide this post behind a cut because I plan to talk frankly about my past abuse and the fall out thereof. I haven’t talked about this in a while, and I believe that talking is vital to the support of other people out there who might be struggling with the same. However […]

Bad Seeds

If you’ve been paying even half a bit of attention in the SF/F writing world you know about the conflicts that regularly occur throughout the fandom. *Acchhsadpuppieschoooooo* Bless me. There’s plenty of other people talking about it, so you don’t need me to say much. Here in Kentucky there’s been a recent case of a […]

Two Stories

Today I have two stories I want to share. Four or so years ago I was involved in a neighborhood action group that was organizing a local festival, the proceeds of which went to neighborhood projects like our local police division giving presents to neighborhood kids on the holidays, to repairing homes in the neighborhood […]


My friend and inspiration Michelle Pendergrass posted a status on Facebook today lining out just a few of the times she was discriminated against or belittled for being female. With the news buzzing lately about killer Elliot Rodger it’s hard not to find yourself in these kinds of discussions in the flesh-to-flesh world as well. […]

Number 5

I talk about my dogs a lot. Part of it is because I work with dogs in my day job, so pets of all kinds are pretty important in my life. Most of it, though, is because I can blatantly share tons and tons about the furballs because even Nicky P. doesn’t send me emails […]