Teasers and Excerpts
All teasers are rated PG. Possible foul language and adult content, but nothing too naughty. Also, I try to keep only teasers for stories currently available up on this page.

Last Brother, Last Sister
Welcome to a world where the zombies have souls, but the humans might not…
Genre: Horror
From: Skullvines Press

Wolf Heart
Being a werewolf didn’t ruin Nika’s life, but being forced to join a pack just might.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
From: Violet Ivy Press

Meat World
The outside world is a dangerous place for people like us.
Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction
From: Dark Futures edited by Jason Sizemore

What Was Once Man
In the basement of an abandoned house three people wait in fear…
Genre: Horror (Rot-world)
From: Horror Library volume 4


Full Stories

Silver Veins
Trista is almost as confined and isolated in her autistic mind as she is within the walls of her spaceship, until the day she learns how to be part of something…
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: PG

A vampire is loose in small second run movie theater…
Genre: Horror/Dark humor


Trapped between life and death, the Scarecrow stands…
Genre: Horror
Rating: R

Guest Blogs & Essays

Zombie Uprising: Giving Horror’s Favorite Monster a Face

Patience and Precision: The Submission Game

Horror: What’s the Big Deal?

The Zombie Apocalypse






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