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Vampire Diaries

First, one of my teeny fan girl favorite books from the past became a TV series last night. The Vampire Diaries premiered on CW last night and it was certainly not bad, quite possibly good. I suspect I am no longer in the target audience for this show, seeing as it’s coming across like a supernatural Degrassi, but OMG would I have eaten it up when I was younger. And furthermore, LJ Smith is a sweetie and her career stalled due to some crazy, out of control stuff. She deserves a second chance for sure and I’m very glad she’s getting it.

In the spirit of our beloved VD I offer this peek into the diaries of other vampires, which is hilarious.

Horror Day 2??

In 2006 I (very amateur-ly) put together a “Horror Day” horror genre event that like one person (other than the artists and authors I invited) showed up to. A major, major problem (besides my inexperience) was the venue. It was small, and they didn’t really want us there.

But I have fun, fantastic news I have found a very eager, willing venue for horror/dark genre events here in Louisville! I have a venue, and I am working on setting a date, and trust me, after that’s it’s fairly easy.

Now that I am driving too, it gives me a lot more control and ability to really put together something great (so I can never, ever bring Horror Day 2006 up again!).

If you are a fan, author, artist, editor or other genre type and you would be interested in either this event or setting up a signing/event of your own, please please drop me a line at sicacaelestasATinsightbbDOTcom. I’ll be announcing a date for the large scale event later, but the site owner is interested in hosting author signing and such as well so please, please let me know if you would like to try to work something out. Louisville really needs more places where spec fic fans are welcome.


There are a bunch of new reviews out:

“Michele Lee was able to quickly give her readers a well written background of each character, and a great story.” ~Falling off the Shelf

“Kudos to Michele for writing a story where zombies can be our friends, that is until they have to be shot in the head.” ~ Babbling About Books

ROT explores how we rationalize our cruelties, that corrupt part of our dark side. How we can give in to irresponsibility and indifference in our lives so easily. How we can be selfish in our love of others, when we refuse to let go.” ~Louise Bohmer

“Gore and horror abound in Rot, but what makes the narrative truly exceptional is the heart and soul Ms. Lee pours into all her characters, particularly into the relationship that develops between Dean and Amy. Readers will truly care what happens to both of them in world where interpersonal relationships among the living are emotionally cold and distant.”

Rot is one most of original and highly inviting zombie works I’ve read in years.” ~HorrorWorld

Finally, my publisher was recently notified that Rot was recommended for a Stoker by someone out there. I am exceedingly flattered and who every you are, thank you very much, and I’m very glad you enjoyed it!

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