Supernatural Veterinary Science: Good God, don’t do that!

My dayjob and writing life will collide this weekend at Imaginarium in Louisville, KY. I’ll be teaching a writing class on applying biology (vet medicine/animal behavior science/epidemiology). Coincidentally, I’ve also been reading Hounded by Kevin Hearne. I was recommended to me by a number of people who probably thought I’d like it because the main […]

Things that piss me off

I do a lot of complaining here, but here’s one about fiction/storytelling. I read this article on about movie plots that depended on someone being terrible at their job. It totally nails a lot of my feeling about good ole boy and zombie horror. You know the stories where the police/army are corrupt/inept and […]

Take 2: What makes you put down a book?

Original post (with lots of great comments, writers read this!) here. Failing to connect is the biggest thing that get me to put down a book. Now that covers: -Failing to connect with the MC, or any character (I’m talking to you The Walking Dead tv series.) -Failing to connect with the story. The Drama […]

What makes you pick up a book?

Start here, with Chuck Wendig’s awesome blog on the topic. But it’s a week old, which is ancient in internet time. So here’s mine. I’m a sucker for paranormals. If it has a paranormal look, I’ll pick it up and read the back. Excerpts sell me books. I read the first paragraph of Ilona Andrews’ […]

Guest Post: Where Ideas Begin by Jennifer Cloud

Jennifer’s Unleashing Darkness is available from Violent Ivy Press, or you can check out this awesome giveaway for a chance to win a free copy! Many people have asked me why I wrote the book Unleashing Darkness. I’ve never been good at faking clever, so I usually shrug and claim ignorance on the place where my ideas […]

Looking back at the past…

I haven’t been meaning to do so much of it, but I’ve reconnected with an old friend that I lost touch with (and we’re turning out to be better friends than we were before), I found some old 3.5 in diskettes that I’ve been going through (in an ongoing attempt to declutter my life) and […]