Insert Geek Cred Here

I’ve been thinking some of the “Fake Geek Girl” things going around lately. And it sort of came up at my game (Scion, my friend Thom and I run alternating games on Mondays) when we all ended up talking about Arthurian Legend and Star Wars (Cause they are totally related) and our evolution of reactions […]

The Secret

Beware world, for Mini and I have had The Talk. Yes, my not-so-wee-one now knows the big secret of the universe…she knows about sex. It was not an easy decision to make. But in the last few months she asked some amazingly perfect questions, like “I know you need a sperm and an egg to […]

Double Something

I’m not sure what it is, really, but my night flipped so dramatically tonight. Mini has been working on her own fish tank and since today was pay day after work today we ditched the menfolk and ran off on our own for dinner and water testing (and yes, fish.) We had a nice dinner […]

I never considered myself a feminist

I’ve blogged before about how I never really realized the depth of neglect in my childhood until I was raising a child of my own. The same is true of me and feminism. I never considered myself a feminist, but how could I not be while I’m trying to raise my daughter. I know she’s […]

Dear DC Comics,

*Just a note. Thanks for the link to Felica Day and and everyone else. I’m stunned by the response. Also I’m approving comments as I can and will approve any comment that isn’t spam or hateful.threatening or outright insulting of myself, my daughter or any commentor here. I adhere to the John Scalzi commenting […]

Science fiction and gender

Today I took my daughter out for Mom-and-daughter time and we ended up at Barnes and Noble looking for Ann Aguirre’s latest book Aftermath. My daughter asked if it was a vampire book (we’re still learning about genres you see) and I said, “No, it’s a science fiction book, space ships and aliens.” (she’s 7, […]

The Stupidity of Facebook Statuses and Cartoons

By now you’ve probably heard of the Facebook meme? Trend? Game? whatever that urges people to change their profile picture to a pictures of a cartoon character from their childhood to fight child abuse (and the subsequent “Don’t do it, it was started by pedophiles!” cry). And I’m sure you, like me, have seen a […]

Empire Beauty School, For the Record

So I went to get my hair done (for the first time in a year, yeah, that’s how I hang). Getting hair done is always an issue with me because I have A LOT of hair. There’s a lot of it, and it’s very thick. Stylists either don’t know how to handle it or squeal […]