Special Needs Resources

*A work in progress

About Me– a free printable mini book for introducing special needs children to new teachers/aides/caretakers
Terrarium Care Log– I made this to help my kids better care for their terrarium and me to double check their work. It’s especially useful for that stage when they seem to not be able to remember anything.


5 Coping Techniques I Learned From My Autistic Son
How Autism Has Changed My Writing– In honor of Autism Awareness Month
This is Not the Post I Wanted to Make– On the mercury & chelation debates in autism research
Recovery– On recovering from abuse
Hello My Name is Michele Lee– Acknowledging abuse happened is the first step in recovery

Other people’s Essays & Blogs
For Jessica by Jennifer Lawler– On Caring for a Severely Disabled Child
The Cancer Culture Chronicles
5 Things I’ve Learned From My Autistic Son
Caring for Critically/Permanently Ill Children
Drawing Autism
Top Ten Things You Shouldn’t (and Should) Say to the Parent of an Autistic Child
Retracted Autism Study an Elaborate Fraud
When the Autistic Child Grows Up



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